Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Twiddla.... REDO!!!

This website is called type with me. Its also good for keeping track of a appointments.... Here again its good for older people who have jobs! Now on this one there is nothing to do on this website! You can make your own profile you have a dashboard and a place for appointments!!! Usually kids think there will be games on the site but there isn't so its kinda disappointing!!!!

Twiddila is not really useful to me i don't think!!!!! I mean u can have fun and draw on the website! You can chat on this website and make new friends!!! It could be good for business people to know when there are appointments! you can arrange them so you never miss a job or job promotion again!!!!! Its an ok website for me its not awesome for kids but to draw but its not horrible to where i would hate this website and never go on it!!!

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