Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Halloween

It's Halloween night and five minutes until I leave to go gather candy! Can you guess what I am for Halloween? I am a princess how oringinal right. Well when my friends came over we got out of the house quick so my mom doesn't change her mind. So when we went down the street we were going to turn the corner and there were three people at Mrs. Kellys house with toilet paper rolls. I knew what they were going to do so we just went on. We came to this house that was gated and looked like it was abandon for years. We open the gates SSSSSQQQQEEEEEEEKKK! "Man that was loud" Katy said. We went through the gates and up to the porch. We debated who opened the door and it was up to me. So I started in slowly cracks and squeaks went everywhere it really was an old house!When i got the door open we all tippy toed inside. It was dark and scary! What were we supposed to do go running away I was not about to. We started to explore the house we all came running back at the same time to the door.I didn't think there were ghosts and goblins and things that go bump in the night. So we ran out of the haunted house and we ran to my house and we were safe!

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