Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Fairy Tale


Once upon a time there was a woman named Jeneva and a man named Jared. After three years of dating they had a happy marrige. Three months later they had a beautiful baby girl named Jade! As you can see they tried to keep the J's going They had such a happy family.
Jade had a wonderful. An childhood with her parents spoiling her. An awful thing happened when she was seven years old. Her mother got deadly sick and past away not long after. Then everything had to go down hill. Jade's father lost his good paying job that paid for their living.
All her father was left to do was marry for money which he did a snobby rich old woman. Her name was Kelly and she had a five year old boy named Jayson.Jayson was a pain to Jade. Jayson thought he could break anything with out getting in trouble and to boss her around. Jade of course had to clean up everything he broke and deal with his boss. Jared her father knew nothing of this he was gone when this all happened. Jared soon had to find a job so he did. Jared is now going to sell fine hats on the rode for two months.Jade's step mother had to watch the kid while he was gone . The moment Jared walked out the door Kelly put Jade to work like a slave. When Jade turned sixteen she has had enough. Jade was done being Kelly's slave.
Jade snuck out of the house to go find her father. After a month she finally found him and told him everything but he did not believe her. Jared had made enough money to come home for a while anyways and to take Jade back home. For the next month everything was secrets. Jade's work was done when her father wasn't there. One day Jared walked in on Kelly making Jade clean the walls. At once he divorced Kelly and got an even better job and was guaranteed for life. Now Jared could support Jade and him for life!

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